When Santa Went Missing

when santa went missing

All eleven-year-old Noel wants to do is live a normal life – something that’s just the tiniest bit difficult when your dad is Santa Claus. Just as Noel is struggling to cope with her dysfunctional life, her father goes missing in prime Santa Claus season!

When rumours of Santa’s disappearance start leaking, a reluctant Noel is packed off on a quest to prevent worldwide elfish panic. To help her on this mission are Gilmore, Coral and Bean, three elves with personality disorders of their own.

This ragtag team has one week to visit six factories around the world and prevent them from falling into chaos. Along the way, they have to deal with a factory that goes missing, renegade elves who want to take over the world, delinquent children that hold a factory hostage and animal rights activists who kidnap their reindeer.

With crazy challenges at every turn and Santa Claus still refusing to budge from the missing persons list, saving Christmas seems a little out of their league.

Poster courtesy Urvashi
Poster courtesy Urvashi

When Santa Went Missing is a middle grade book published by Puffin Books India.



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