My favourite books from 2018 for adults

I know it’s the second day of 2019 but I’ve only just managed to grab some free time to highlight some of my favourite books from last year. I managed to read waaaaay more books than I had anticipated (hello freelancer status for eight months). Which is why I’m making two separate lists – one featuring books for adults and the other for children (which features even more books). I think I’m going to try and relax a bit with the reading in 2019. Obviously I’m still going to be reading lots of books but maybe if I don’t read 207 books this year (I know, it’s ridiculous), I might get some other stuff done. Apart from moving to a new city at the end of the month and really finding my PhD groove (by which I mean a sustainable work-life balance), I have lots of other plans which involve exploring my new home city, trying out new things, writing and book vlogging (more on that later). So here’s to a year of a reasonable amount of books. Happy 2019!

Favourite 2018 books for adults
Apologies about the awkward layout but I forgot to add a book until after I’d already created the template so this is just going to have to sit here and taunt me

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