Of Cabbages and Kings: December 2nd 2018

This weekly(ish) feature is where I post recommendations and links to interesting things I’ve encountered throughout the week.  

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I love this article describing why diverse representations in children’s books are so important and articulates my own thoughts about why people need to stop dismissing inclusive literature for being “too political”. Complex, multiple perspectives are a great thing for everyone!

BuzzFeed celebrated libraries by crowd-sourcing responses from librarians about things they want you to know about libraries.

BuzzFeed continued its library love by educating ordinary folk (like me, hello!) about what a librarian’s job is really like. I don’t know about you, but all these things make me want to be a librarian more, not less. (okay maybe not all; there seems to be a lot of poop-related requirements in this job).

Enid Blyton is one of the authors who defined my childhood and made me fall in love with reading. While I acknowledge the important role she has played in shaping countless children’s relationship with books, I can appreciate the need to critique the problematic elements of her work. (How do I reconcile that with my lifelong ambition to read all her books? I’m still working on that).

Speaking of controversial authors, I know many people who have strong feelings about and against the A Song of Ice and Fire series for a variety of very valid reasons. However, much like for the author of this article, George R. R. Martin was my first introduction to the sort of plot twists and morally grey characters he’s become famous for. That’s the sort of thing that’s likely to leave an impressionable reader hooked.

In this video, Kate DiCamillo who writes books for children, talks about why it is important to read books aloud not only to children but to teenagers and young adults and proper adults and middle-aged folk and the elderly. Basically, everyone deserves to be read to, a sentiment I wholeheartedly support!

I love that this story about an independent bookshop finally selling its copy of a children’s book which had sat on its shelf for 27 years went viral. More bookstore viral news please!

I’ve been a huge fan of Brain Pickings for years and have spent many hours drooling over the books the site features. So of course I’m drooling extra hard at this utterly gorgeous book Maria Popova herself has put together. It features many of my favourite writers and illustrators telling children about why they read. I don’t mean to sound dramatic but I NEED THIS BOOK ON MY SHELF.

And finally, December means it’s time for end-of-the-year book lists and The New York Times has featured some of the most notable children’s books of 2018. I would also like all of them on my shelves, please and thank you.

One thought on “Of Cabbages and Kings: December 2nd 2018

    سلام . کنیز قسم می خورم که این مطلب
    فصیح است و شاید ابداً نفر نتواند یادداشت مشابه
    بوسیله این مطلب را تو وبلاگ آشکار کند چون متعدد طولانی است


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