Mac Barnett: Why a good book is a secret door

“My job is that I lie to children. But they’re honest lies. I write children’s books.”

– Mac Barnett

The delightful and funny Mac Barnett (I have to look up his books ASAP) discusses the relationship between fiction and the real world. Among other things, he talks about:

  • Telling stories to 4-year-olds about how he spied for the Queen of England on weekends
  • How to construct elaborate melon-based lies for children to discover
  • Pet blue whales and the kids who own them
  • Strange fascinating shops that hide the doorway to unexpected worlds. For example, a pirate supply store that sells everything a pirate would ever need; and the Echo Park Time Travel Mart with the motto “Whenever you are, we’re already then.”

All of which connects to the importance of wholly immersing ourselves in fiction in the best possible way. You just have to watch the video to grasp this utterly fantastic idea.

You can’t find the seams in the fiction. It’s like a little bit of fiction has colonised the real world.

– Mac Barnett

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