Rhyme and Reason: December 07, 2015

Rhyme and Reason is where the excerpts I enjoy, from books I’m currently reading, come to live. 

Today’s selection almost makes me want to run away with the circus.

So the next day, with a note from Mr. Galliano in his hand, Jimmy, his mother, and father, all went to the caravan-place. The caravans stood in a great field, ready to be bought. There were all kinds – ones to be hired for two or three weeks – ones to be lived in always, big ones, little ones, blue ones, yellow ones – ones to be pulled by horses and ones to be pulled by cars.

“I say!” said Jimmy in surprise. “Look at all those caravans, Mother! Whichever shall we choose?”

The man who managed the caravan-place showed them a great many caravans. Mrs. Brown stopped by a yellow one with blue wheels and a blue chimney. “Is this very expensive?” she asked. “It is so large and roomy, and everything is fitted so neatly inside. Look, Jimmy, there are even taps to turn on and off, and a place to store water in so that you can get it without always running to the nearest stream! We can fill up whenever we want to, and it will last us for some time.”

The man looked at Mr. Galliano’s letter. “You could have that one if you wanted to,” he said. “It’s not any more money than Mr. Galliano says he will pay.”

So they chose the yellow caravan. Really, it was wonderful! There was a place for everything. There were bunks to sleep in that folded flat up against the wall to be out of the way in daytime. Mr. Brown said it reminded him of a ship.

There was a fine stove fitted neatly in a corner. There were cupboards all round the sides and under the bench that ran down one side. Underneath the caravan were lockers where all kinds of things could be stored. There was even a folding table, painted yellow!

“I shall hardly need to get anything to go into the caravan!” said Jimmy’s mother joyfully.

Mr. Galliano’s Circus by Enid Blyton


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