Where I Was Reading: New Year’s Eve Edition

I brought in the new year at a little-known beach in southern Maharashtra.

I mostly bummed on the sand and read (few visitors meant that it began to feel like a private beach), but I also managed to fit in walks through quiet village lanes, scuba diving to visit the fishes underwater, a visit to a sea fort, a sprained ankle (someone yelled “Look, dolphins!” and I did; nobody yelled “Look, stairs!” so I didn’t), a bonfire on the beach and dancing to stolen music.

Malvan 099Kolamb Beach in the wee hours of the morning where I followed dogs, hunted sunrises, sang entirely wrong lyrics in the water, played badminton very badly, helped build an epic sandcastle and read, read, read.

Malvan 131What the locals call Tsunami Island off the coast of Deobagh Beach. While the family we were with went off to do a series of water sports, I walked around the circumference of this miniature island (it took me a grand total of ten minutes), before settling down to read. This piece of land only came to exist 10 years ago as a result of the 2004 tsunami.

Malvan 206Sindhudurg Fort is the first fortress I’ve visited that wasn’t set atop a hill. As the neighbour at my homestay explained, when the name has the word durg in it, it means it’s a sea fort, while the suffix of gad signifies a hill fort.

What I was reading

Land of the Seven Rivers: A Brief History of India’s Geography by Sanjeev Sanyal

land of the seven rivers

In an interesting turn of events, on the last day of my holiday, I discovered that my mother was convinced that our room in the homestay was haunted. So there’s that.

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