Where I’m Reading: Thirumalai Nayakker Palace, Madurai


Technically, according to our guide, the seats are for the sound-and-light show that happens every evening. But I’m sure nobody will mind if I decide to pursue alternate cultural pleasures.

What I’m reading: If It’s Monday It Must Be Madurai: A Conducted Tour of India by Srinath Perur

The view from my misappropriated seat:


Now if only I could convince my mother that one temple visit (I was nearly caught in a devotee stampede this morning) is quite enough for this holiday.

6 thoughts on “Where I’m Reading: Thirumalai Nayakker Palace, Madurai

    • I could only get some reading done because I managed to convince my mother to sneak in a nap while I read. She woke up half an hour later, absolutely refusing to believe that she’d slept at all!


      • Haha! Just now I noticed, it looks like it’s snowing in the courtyard (and the courtyard alone because of the background colour) in the first picture. 😀


    • I would have loved to tell you that I saw it and loved/hated it but mom dragged me to a sari shop and then I remembered reading about a bookstore where we headed next. Long story short, mom bought a ton of saris and I bought myself another book. Pretty soon, we’re going to be buried in an avalanche of consumer goods!


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