Of Cabbages and Kings: November 10, 2013

I seem to be getting a lot of my book news from BuzzFeed these days. Anyway.

My favourite update from the Internet book world comes from this Harry Potter fan who photographed his Potter-centric journey to London. Reading this may or may not have made me tear up.

BuzzFeed featured all the things that bookworms would love to have in their homes. You know, apart from the lifetime supply of books.

I love every single thing about being a book lover, except the part where I run out of room for new books and books end up in unexpected places. Hello, book in the kitchen drawer, what are you doing there?

Why are more adults turning to children’s books? Because, as the article says, there are lessons and hope in kids books.

Some behind-the-scenes trivia from The Hobbit for all the Tolkien fans in the house.

And finally, since I spend so much time reading long non-fiction online, I’m going to link to my favourite one each week for anyone who’s interested in similar reading.

My long reads pick of the week.

Writer Evan Ratliff decided to find out whether it was possible to disappear for a month in the digital age. He worked with Wired magazine who, apart from offering clues to his whereabouts, also offered a $5000 reward for anyone who could find him within a month, say the password “fluke” and take his picture. It resulted in a massive manhunt with people collaborating over the Internet to track him down.
This article is riveting not just because of the fascinating premise but also thanks to the excellent writing. It made me hold my breath and exclaim “WOW!” at the end not only because the events were perfectly planned and executed, but also because the writing was equally well-planned and executed.

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