Of Cabbages and Kings: October 28, 2013

This feels a bit like an errant teenager slinking into the house in the middle of the night without any explanation for all those hours where she was officially missing in action. Except that I haven’t been a teenager for a few years now and it was actually months (8 of them to be exact), and not hours, that remain unaccounted for.

I could come up with an excellent excuse for my blog’s non-functional status since March and how and why I couldn’t find a single minute to post an update. But I happen to be sneak-writing this blog post during my lunch hour (and my excuse is really not that interesting) so I’m just going to pretend I was away on a mysterious mission.

I have lots of shiny links (and scheduled posts too – gasp!) to make up for my disappearing act. I’m also full of promises and good intentions to be a reliably regular blogger for the foreseeable future.

Click for larger image.

This list of reasons for admission into an insane asylum that comes straight from the late 1800s makes me wonder if it’s acceptable to call in to work insane and spend the day ODing on books and Supernatural.

One of my favourite Internet columns has a new edition and this one is called Texts from Edgar Allen Poe. (Be sure to check out the other Text From posts. Deliciously hilarious!)

All the book dedications mentioned in this list are pretty awesome.

These bookshelves made from unusual items makes me wonder whether it’s possible to build one made entirely of bubblewrap.

This essay on why our future depends on libraries, reading and daydreaming by Neil Gaiman makes me even more ashamed to admit I’ve not read any of his books yet. Soon to be remedied.

I wish Mumbai had a bookstore that oozed as much quirky personality as this one in Perth does. More signage from the store here.

And finally (as well as appropriately), some last words from the horse’s (as much as a famous author can be equine) mouth.

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