Rhyme and Reason: March 1, 2013

I am learning the Qs for at least an hour and a quarter and I am realising that I am quickly taking in a quantity of quite useful vocabulary.

The only thing is I am much more interested in knowing what the words mean than remembering how to spell them.

Then Dad calls out that it is suppertime and I go downstairs and I say, “I don’t mean to quibble but is it suppertime, dinnertime or teatime? Which word is the right word to use … It’s just a query – a request for information.

Dad says he will have to think about it.

I say, “Do you ever go to Quebec?”

Dad says, “Quite frequently.”

I say, “Do we have any quince juice? As I need to quench my thirst.”

Mum says, “No, but we might have some water in the tap.”

I say, “Why do we never have quail quiche?”

Mum says, “Because it makes me queasy.”

I say, “You sound querulous – inclined to complain or find fault.”

She says, “Have you swallowed a dictionary?”

I say, “Am I being a bit of a querist? – someone who asks questions.”

Minal says, “Mu-um, Clarice is being annoying and she ate a biscuit yesterday before supper when you told her not to.”

I say, “Quisling” – which means traitor.

Mum says, “Quiet” – which means keep it zipped.

Lauren Child, Clarice Bean Spells Trouble

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