Of Cabbages and Kings: February 17, 2013

I’ve spent the week researching Santa Claus and fairy tales and watching Boy Meets World (a decade too late) and Rugrats. How old am I again?**

she reads

Photo courtesy here.

There’s been some Harry Potter book news after what seems likes eons. After Scholastic’s sneak peek at the 15th anniversary covers for the series’ American editions, here are a few fan-made renditions.

I think cellphones are complete nuisances and would happily toss mine in the sea if my friends and family would promise not to have collective heart attacks. Until that day comes, these brutally honest text message auto-replies should keep me happy.

Because Calvin and Hobbes are way too cool to remain in their comic world, here they are up to shenanigans in real-life photographs.

If any species from the animal kingdom comes close to sharing my love for dogs, it’s penguins. And this video of a penguin intersection in Antarctica is just the bee’s knees. (Ha! I’ve always wanted to use that phrase)

I strongly suspect that the reason I can spend hours gazing at gorgeous photographs is due to my lack of any photographic talent whatsoever. Steve McCurry, my favourite clicker of portraits, displays two of my favourite things – reading and writing.

Slate thinks Amanda McKittrick Ros may have been the worst novelist in history.

If you haven’t read this story yet, the headline should prove reason enough: For 40 years, this Russian family was cut off from all human contact, unaware of WWII.

These group of friends have spent 23 years locked in a game of “Tag”. What is the procedure to start a similar game of one’s own?

And, finally, as a public interest announcement, 32 of the greatest things that have happened on Tumblr.

**“We are always the same age inside.” – Gertrude Stein

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