The Case of the Missing Participants

I’ve been AWOL from the blog thanks to the nine day long Kala Ghoda Children’s Literature Festival in my city. Being a part of the organising team was such a stroke of luck since I got to hobnob with brilliant children’s authors (old and new, in all shapes and sizes) from all over the country.

As for the events themselves, most of them were held in a gorgeous bookstore called Kitab Khana. The wooden pillars, high beams and general old-world charm floored the visiting authors, many of whom would have happily given up rooms in their hotels for a night in the store.

The fest lasted from February 2nd to 10th and featured a whole range of Indian children authors with lots of fun events.

Of course, we had our share of hiccups, some more alarming than others.
February 3 began with Revathi Suresh, author of Jobless Clueless Reckless, visiting us bright and early on a Sunday morning with nary a teen in sight. What happened to all those registered participants who promised to be there? Learned to Disapparate apparently. Here, the author recounts the morning in her own words.

The Plog

Revathi Suresh talks about her first lit fest–as an author.

When Sayoni and Anushka asked if I’d go to Kala Ghoda I didn’t have to think twice. ‘You bet!’ I said enthusiastically. I was thinking what lovely people my book—and I—had gotten hitched to. They were not only going to bring out my magnum opus but they’d also send me on nice-nice holidays it seemed.

“Feb 2 to 9 are the dates, is that good for you?” Sayoni asked politely.


“So let’s discuss what you’d like to do at the event then.”

Ev…ent? Event. Event! Ok. The tubelight finally flickered on. No no. I didn’t want to go to Kala Ghoda anymore. I’d always thought that if I found a publisher I would—post whoohoo-ing and high five-ing the family—go back to lounging around in my nightie and stir sambar or whatever it was that needed stirring, do laundry…

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