Rhyme and Reason: December 20, 2012

But the star turn of the whole show, according to the girls at any rate, was the blindfold race which Julie had proposed at the last moment. Five competed in each group. They were blindfolded by Matron who was an adept at this, led to their places at the start and when the pistol went, set off to walk the course as steadily as they could.

The audience were weeping with laughter and holding each other up before even the first race ended. The competitors stalked out with grim determination in the lower part of their faces – all anyone could see! – and most of them had not taken three steps before they were diverging in all directions.

Peggy Bettany made straight across the court to fall over Miss Annersley’s knee. Madge Herbert and Veronica Worsley fell into each other’s arms and embraced affectionately. Polly Winterton found herself grabbing the hat of a complete stranger, and Nancy Chester, the only one to keep reasonably straight for most of the way, suddenly swung round to the right and marched over to the far corner where she clutched the pole holding the netting.

No one else was any more successful and Margot Maynard created a sensation by losing herself completely and wandering right round the court before she suddenly paused, stretched out her hand unexpectedly, and gripped the nose of her own father. His howl rose up at the same moment as his daughter’s. Margot had gripped hard and the shock caused her to yell at the top of her voice before she let go.

Elinor M. Brent-Dyer, A Chalet Girl From Kenya

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