Of Cabbages and Kings: December 9, 2012

I have the flu. Not to be overly dramatic or anything, but I’m pretty sure I’m dying. So if this is the last post you see on this blog, don’t blame my laziness. Blame death. On that cheerful note, here are the links I’ve rounded up this week.

horror storiesIf you asked me what I wanted for a gift, I’d try to get you to sponsor my next vacation. If that, for some reason, didn’t pan out, I’d point you to my Goodreads To Read list. For a change of pace, however, I’d be perfectly willing to accept these gifts for a book nerd.

Graham Hughes became the first person to travel to every country in the world without flying. Is it strange that I’m incredibly jealous of him but also want to marry/stalk him?

Bookstores in general are my idea of paradise. I could happily lose myself in one for hours. But secondhand bookshops have a charm that is entirely their own.

Do you like stories featuring cracked codes and secret societies? Here’s the tale of a real life one.

These books are made for sittin’. Or for putting your foot up on. Don’t look so appalled, they’re really fun.

Dedicated to my recent trip (which has covered my previous tan with a brand new tan) and all future ones, here’s a list of 30 travel terms that should exist but don’t. Yet.

And with that, I’ll be over there cursing my cold for being that annoying relative that pops by for a quick lunch and ends up staying for a week. I just hope it decides to move out tomorrow or there will be consequences. I have a scarily competent doctor and I ain’t afraid to use him. Well, I kind of am, because his medicines make me unbelievably zombie-like, but I’ll use him if I have to.

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