Book Review: I’m Not Butter Chicken, You Can’t Order Me by Paro Anand

book paro anand
I was never taught to shoot a decent photograph

You know how you come up with the perfect comeback but it’s too late because the correct moment flew past ages ago? For an angsty teenager, I’m sure yelling “I’m not butter chicken, you can’t order me!” at their parents would be intensely satisfying. Of course, if it were me, I’d start giggling hysterically at coming up with such a hilariously accurate retort.

The 12 stories in this book all deal with teens and their lives. The stories range from everyday issues like fights with family, exam jitters and parental pressure to more intense ones like dealing with death and being faced with domestic violence. Like her other book, there’s a good mix of stories.

Anand has a knack for writing about teenagers in way that resonates with their lives. Her characters perfectly mimic teen thought and behaviour (the entire-world’s-burden-is-on-my-shoulder, the leave-me-alone, no-wait-I’m-craving-company flip flop, the works). Since it’s a book for and about teens, the language is informal and unstilted. The book largely deals with situations from an Indian teen’s point of view. At the end of each story, Anand explains where the story came from which is a nice insight into her writing process.

I like Anand’s work in general. Her books make for a breezy read even when she deals with tough issues. I’m not an intense advocate of her writing but I think she does a decent job of dealing with the topics she addresses.

You can read an excerpt from the book here.

I’m Not Butter Chicken, You Can’t Order Me

Paro Anand

Pages: 100

Price: INR 150

Publisher: Roli Books

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