Travel Between The Pages: December 8, 2012

Kanchenjunga in the Himalayas is the third highest mountain in the world. Click for the bigger picture

Photograph courtesy here

Used To Be

Used to be
just waking was reason
to go mad with joy.
Fed, dressed, kissed,
then sent hurtling
past the lawn
past the field
past the slope
past the trees
past the breeze
past the town
past the high Himalayan peaks
into this –

A desk
in a room
in a city.

Used to be
just the thought
of a book
was cause
to lose my way
through a day.
Rapt, not hearing a word,
just waiting for class
to be over
and then

walk run race home
open the door
fling down the bag
drink up the milk
throw off the shoes
jump on the bed
take out the book
and sink into –

A quiet depression.

Used to be
just the sight
of yellow light
in mist was poetry,
hot bread and jam,
a hiding place
in a wall
behind a fern
where a single
orange marble winked,
firestruck and swollen,
a candlepowered tin
floating titanic in a tub.

of the red apple cheeks
I stole
from my little Bhutia friends
of the Kanchenjunga
I fitted into my window
of the giant night shadows
I spread across the wall,
I sit –

Too close,
too distant
from where I began.

Sampurna Chattarji, The Fried Frog And Other Funny Freaky Foodie Feisty Poems

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