Of Cabbages and Kings: November 26, 2012

Reading about the mayor of Reykjavik, Iceland’s biggest city made me bemoan the lack of politicians with a whacky sense of humour in my own country.

I love imagining the varied histories of all the books I’ve found at secondhand stores. As much as I love turning the crisp pages of a new book, used books have a charm of their own with handwritten notes and inscriptions just adding to the overall aura.

Do you know what I love from the bottom of my heart? Cake. Another thing that has my wholehearted devotion? Books. So when you put those two together, I am coming at it with a literary themed spoon.

You know those anxiety/excitement riddled butterflies you get in your stomach right before an important event? It’s called collywobbles. Take a look at 26 other words for everyday things that you never knew existed.

What’s more fun than a serious book about serious issues (the 2012 American presidential elections) that rhymes? Its review in verse.

The daily routines of famous writers makes me feel like a lazy, lazy duck. Now I need to make myself feel better by eating copious amounts of chocolate.

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