Rhyme and Reason: November 24, 2012

In the Yellow dormitory Joey and Margia hurtled themselves through to Evadne and hauled her out of bed, protesting and shrieking.

… Luckily for them a good deal of licence was allowed on such a morning, and getting up was anything but the proper and demure affair it generally was. Jo, flying through the dormitory on her way to the bathroom, was soaked by a sponge hurled by Evadne, who since she was up, was determined to pay out her tormentors. Marie got tangled in her sheets when she carried them out to the balcony to air, and fell headlong into Bette’s arms, which, as the prefect was not expecting her, caused a general upset, and Miss Bettany appeared at the door to inquire if they were murdering each other.

Elinor M. Brent-Dyer, The Princess of the Chalet School

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