Of Cabbages and Kings: November 19, 2012

This weekend, Mumbai entered into shutdown mode thanks to the death of a regional, right-wing politician. Since that (and my raging cold) put a damper to any plans I would have made, I spent two days reading and sleeping and occasionally shaking a fist at an errant nostril. Here’s what I’ve found on the inter-webs over the week:

Click to enlarge

Do you think any of these bookworms with the gorgeous houses would adopt me? Not even if I got them a puppy and cupcakes?

Speaking of which, first there was an ATM that dispenses cupcakes and now there’s a book-vending machine? You know who could really use these? A city full of people starved of food and entertainment because EVERYTHING IS SHUT DOWN!

I much preferred The Baby-Sitters Club over those Wakefield hijinks (was I the only one who really wanted to push Jessica under a train?). This is a fun visual ode to Stoneybrook’s favourite artist. I used to be convinced that all young Americans dressed like Claudia and used to read the outfit descriptions with wide-eyed wonder. Bonus: Where are the babysitters now?

A book about writers raving about their favourite bookstores? The best sort of literary inception – a movie I still haven’t watched by the way, due to various unforeseeable, completely justifiable rea – oh who am I kidding, I’m completely pop culturally challenged! At least when it comes to films. And music. I’m about two steps away from shaking my fist at you and ordering you off my fictitious lawn. And here’s a more detailed description of his bookstore love by one of the writers.

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