Of cabbages and kings: November 12, 2012

Don’t get me wrong, I loved spending the entire week drowning myself in the online bookworm world. But  my very large to-be-read pile has been giving me the old puppy-dog eyes and trying to send me on a guilt trip for ignoring all those books. Well, it worked! So while I go and try to considerably reduce the size of that pile (or, you know, massively increase it by going on a crazy book buying spree), you enjoy these links.

I love The Wizard of Oz and this is a hilariously accurate way to describe its plot.

If I would have ever hung out with The Beatles, I’d have spent the entire time laughing and/or mooning over their cute British accents. Those accents make it slightly difficult to understand this A Midsummer Night’s Dream skit they were in; but listen carefully and you won’t be disappointed!

I’m going to sit and fantasise about which children’s book-inspired tattoo I’m going to get (because the pain associated with getting an actual tattoo absolutely terrifies me).

How would you like to go book shopping with someone who is allegedly the best-read man in America? I’d settle for the best-read man in Mumbai. Or my building. Someone just needs to take me book shopping already!

Are you on Team Re-Read or Team Only New Books For Me? (Egad! Twilight, of all things, has started a trend of dividing the entire world into teams). For the record: I’ve always been a re-reader; my loved-to-tatters Enid Blyton books will attest to that.

I’ve only heard good things about Maurice Sendak’s books but I’ve never gotten a chance to read any of them myself. After reading this brilliant interview, I realise that I must remedy this instantly.

A delightful article about a group of Sherlock Holmes fans from all over the world who congregate in  a Swiss town to reenact the detective’s standoff with Moriarty. There really needs to be a Harry Potter version of this.

And for the final link of the evening (or 3.12 am), very important people answer very important questions asked by very curious children. (Spoiler alert: they do a very good job)

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